About As Common As Carbon

Thanks for supporting my art!

As Common As Carbon is a digital poetry publication.

I wrote these poems in college and threw them in an old wooden cigar box. They sat around for quite a while.

When I pulled them out, I couldn’t remember the order I wrote them in, or how to sort them. 

So I decided to create a “book” where I could group them thematically and randomly.

I have CPTSD, so that’s how my memory works.

I don’t recall things linearly. Images, colors, locations, themes, and emotions guide my recollection.

I wanted to create a reading experience that mirrors my own personal memory.

If I can’t navigate these poems and recollections chronologically, why should the reader be able to?

This is an independent publication. I wrote the poems, built the website, paid for the hosting, and manage memberships. 100% of the profit goes to me. I’ll use the proceeds to start an LLC and commission art for my next collaborative project.

Keep your eyes out for my next audio/visual poetry collection – Shooting Wine at the Stars (coming soon).


You “turn the page” by clicking one of the buttons at the bottom of the page.

You can go to a random poem in the collection by clicking the “RANDOM” button.

You can also visit another poem with a similar theme by clicking one of the “#theme” hashtag buttons.

There are 3 types of poems in this collection:

  1. Heteroglossic-Syntesthesia (these are mostly completed poems)
  2. Hobonyms (these are words with no home)
  3. Mind Jerky (these are epithets and other thoughts to chew on)


You’ll find a “#type” button at the bottom of the page as well, so if you want to read more complete poems, click “#heteroglossic-synesthesia” and so on.